What Does It Cost To Be A Drug Addict?

We have developed strong relationships with the nation’s most effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Call us today. We can help: (866)...
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Overdose is scary, but we can help you or a loved one start a new life.

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What Is Methadone Dosing?

We have developed strong relationships with the nation’s most effective drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers. Call us...

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Drug and Alcohol Addiction
Treatment Services

Helping you find personalized addiction treatment

Our mission is to assist individuals with finding the best information,
resources, and tools to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. A life free from
the grips of substance abuse is possible, and we are here to help.

Choosing the Right Addiction Center For Your Situation

This decision is much easier to make when you’re getting
input from a trusted source. At Addiction Treatment
Services, we understand that the most important part of
choosing a rehab center is finding the place that meets
the individual’s every need.

Call us today to speak directly with a trained addiction treatment specialist.

Need Help Finding a Drug Rehab that Accepts Your Insurance?

Finding a treatment center that is within your insurance network can be difficult, but our experts can help.

Just because you have great health insurance doesn’t imply you’re covered for substance abuse treatment completely. Allow us to conduct an unbiased, independent analysis of your insurance coverage. We may be able to uncover coverage options that your insurance agent or treatment facility may otherwise be hesitant to discuss. We have in-depth understanding of how insurance companies fund addiction treatment due to our considerable expertise and professional contacts in the business. We are glad to share our insider knowledge with families that require assistance in obtaining coverage for life-altering treatment.

Experienced Addiction Treatment Professionals

We have developed strong relationships with the nation’s most effective drug and alcohol
rehabilitation centers.

We have firsthand experience with treatment clinics all around the country. Addiction Treatment Services was established to assist families in guiding their loved ones into treatment at a rehab facility that best matches their needs. Our experts provide families with objectivity, helping them to distinguish between extra comforts and the care their loved one requires. This new approach improves a loved one’s chances of a successful recovery.

Why Do Our Professional Addiction Treatment Contacts Count?

Understanding the treatment process will assist you in selecting the best rehabilitation facility for your loved one.

An evaluation and detox are usually the first steps in addiction treatment. Treatment specialists create a specific treatment plan based on the patient’s health, mental condition, and substance usage history during this stage. Patients receive a variety of therapies as part of their specific treatment plan after being evaluated and detoxed. Rehabs offer relapse prevention and anxiety management techniques in addition to educating people about addiction and recovery. Patients get the skills they need to live good, sober lives as a result of these many therapy. We have created agreements with recognized rehab institutions at Addiction Treatment Services to guarantee that each patient has the treatment alternatives they require to get better. We greatly prefer programs that offer comprehensive care, and we only recommend programs that we are convinced will help a patient complete their recovery.