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Getting help for an addiction problem and regaining long-term mental health is important to your medical providers and your insurance company. However, most people don’t understand the entirety of their health insurance benefits.

Almost all insurance coverage for substance abuse and mental health consists of benefits that are completely different than what is covered under a person’s general health plan. This leaves many unaware of the difference between the two in regards to coverage, co-pays, and out-of-pocket deductibles.

Our goal is to help you find the drug or alcohol addiction treatment center accepted by your insurance carrier that best suits your individual needs.

Drug addiction and alcohol abuse often stem from underlying emotional or social problems, as well as stress in life’s daily challenges. However, substance abuse and addiction may also come about from trying to manage mental health issues such as anxiety, distress, panic attacks or depression.

It is important for many in this situation to be able to find a treatment center that not only addresses alcohol or drug addiction, but that also focuses on mental health concerns, if present. Almost all people suffering from drug abuse or alcoholism do so to medicate underlying issues and traumatic experiences in their life.

At Addiction Treatment Services, our priority is to help you get the most out of your insurance benefits so that you are able to receive top-notch treatment for both addiction and mental health, if necessary, at a dual diagnosis treatment facility.

Our Process: Helping You Find the Addiction Treatment You Need

It is not uncommon for someone seeking help to search for a level of care that may be comfortable to them, but not necessarily what will be most effective in helping them obtain sobriety. Addiction Treatment Services works with you to find an inpatient addiction treatment facility that focuses on your own set of unique issues as well as what is needed and not necessarily what is wanted for your recovery.

Addiction Treatment Services takes a multi-step approach to connecting you to the right treatment program based on the insurance you have and your treatment criteria.

Step 1: A Professional Review of Your Insurance Benefits

We start with a complimentary, thorough review of your health insurance benefits, particularly looking at your coverage for substance abuse and mental health treatment. Our independent reviews generally go more in-depth than what your insurance company’s representatives will tell you if you call them.

We’re experienced with reviewing policies from almost all insurance companies on the market, but here are some of the more common ones we see when working with clients who are trying to find the right addiction treatment programe

Step 2: Identifying Which Rehab Centers Accept Your Insurance

Once we understand the breadth of your insurance coverage, we can start identifying all the various alcohol or drug rehab centers that work with your policy.

Also, at this time, we can give you a pretty concrete idea of the following:

  • How much of the expenses your insurance company will cover
  • What level of care you’ll be covered for
  • How long you’ll be covered for inpatient care (30, 60, 90 days, etc.)
  • What you can expect to pay out-of-pocket for a treatment program

Insurance companies can never guarantee one way or another that your claim will be approved, but Addiction Treatment Services will have a stronger idea based on our familiarity with various treatment centers nationwide and what type of insurance benefits they typically accept.

Step 3: Filtering Out Which Treatment Centers Don’t Meet Your Standards

We’ll initially have a comprehensive list of all of the treatment centers that accept your insurance, but, of course, we’ll start to pare down that list using a few criteria.

First, we’ll weed out the rehab centers that don’t meet the level of care you need. For example, some may not be equipped for dual diagnosis clients, so that leaves them behind when it comes to that demographic of treatment seeker.

Addiction Treatment Services has worked closely and is familiar with hundreds of treatment centers across the country, so we’ll have an idea of which facilities on the list meet your specific needs and which ones fall short. Our professional counselors would not recommend a treatment program to you that does not focus on all aspects of your health.

Also, we’ll take location into account. Are you looking for a rehab facility that’s in your home town or state? Or are you looking to break out of your bubble and remove all of the daily distractions that occur around the home? We’ll further filter your list based on where you’d like receive treatment and what’s going to be the most appropriate environment for you to start your recovery.

Step 4: Making a Professional Referral to Your Desired Treatment Center

When we identify the one (a.k.a. the treatment program that accepts your insurance and meets all of your criteria), Addiction Treatment Services will make a professional referral to the facility itself. We’ll help you get squared away and ready to start your rehab program in a matter of days! If you still have any worries that your insurance claim will be denied, it’s comforting to know that the risk lies with the treatment center, not you.

To get friendly, invaluable guidance on understanding your insurance benefits and finding the perfect addiction treatment program, get started today by calling Addiction Treatment Services.

Health Insurance that Covers Suboxone

The opioid epidemic has reached a tipping point in the US and something absolutely has to be done. A number of Americans have begun using Suboxone to help fight addiction, but there is one huge issue: Without insurance, Suboxone can be a very expensive monthly expense. Luckily, we work with a variety of insurance providers across the nation to determine what is and is not covered by your policy. Call us today and we can help guide you through the process and even check your specific policy to verify coverage.

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