Recovery Story – Nick Serrecchio (Part 3)

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I Was About To Lose My Baby My Oldest Son Is A Very Happy


The crystal meth had started off as awesome… I (Nick Serrecchio) was smarter, I was able to focus and care about things I would normally disregard but as time went on I was becoming darker and more miserable. I would prefer to be alone in between sales and after losing my job, my car, choosing to live in a trap house with no power, food shower, or toilet. I’d go in the backyard to use the bathroom; numbers 1 and 2. All I did was sell dope, get hi, indulge in violent behavior (only when I was given a reason or at least a reason I found suitable).

Unlike most addicts, though, I never felt the need to steal from anyone or lie to my family or anyone, for that matter. Probably why people didn’t like me too much… I was too honest and didn’t put up with their bs! I also developed an above-average outstanding ability to read people, places, and things from being in prison and reading psychology books, and paying more attention to my surroundings.

I Was About To Lose My Baby

I Was About To Lose My Baby

So, therefore, my perception was immaculate to the point that I would judge a person I called a friend, by the way, they treated others and concluded that if they were willing to hurt or cheat another person that they would eventually do it to me so in turn, I was completely alone with no friends and distant from family. I (Nick Serrecchio) had money, drugs, everything I thought I needed. But it was then I found out what rock bottom was really about. Did two short prison terms in Florida and got out with the idea I wasn’t selling or gonna be around dope no more and do the family thing with my ex and her 6-month-old son.

We then became homeless due to nobody wanting anything to do with me if I couldn’t get them hi. Moved back to Ohio, but Cincinnati instead.. didn’t take me long to find meth here. I moved my girl up here with our son and she got pregnant with my youngest son and we both used each other throughout her entire pregnancy until she went into early term……. Too early! It was right that even I saw I was about to lose my baby and the love of my life because I enabled her so she wouldn’t try telling me I (Nick Serrecchio) had to stop using too, that shit had to change! They managed to stop her labor for about two more weeks and after he was born that’s when CPS started.

My Oldest Son Is A Very Happy

My Oldest Son Is A Very Happy

My breaking point was getting hit in the bathroom and seeing my oldest son’s fingers underneath the bathroom door trying to figure out why daddy isn’t coming out and he just wanted my attention. About that point is when I found that rock bottom wasn’t the lowest point.. it had a basement! I never felt more worthless as a human being in my life! My youngest son turned out to be a damn good-looking perfectly healthy little boy despite being 4lbs 5ozs at birth and being in an incubator the first two weeks of his existence.

My oldest son is a very happy and forgiving and intelligent kid and I am now pushing 3 years clean. Got my driver’s license back. My credit score is backed up and in good condition. And I still write poetry and freestyle rap lyrics as a coping mechanism. I’ve been through hell and back and what I learned has never once helped me out of any of the horrible things I went through! There’s really no good reason to pick up unless I (Nick Serrecchio) want to lose everything I’ve ever loved all over!

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