What Does It Cost To Be A Drug Addict?

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Looking Briefly Into The Cost Of Addiction Cost Of Addiction Impact On Relationship


Being a drug addict is never an easy task. People don’t easily get involved in drugs. There are various factors that come into action. A drug addict lifestyle is one of the most expensive lifestyles in the world. The major reason that leads to addiction is environmental factors that include your family, surrounding, and most importantly peers. Few people may start due to any family disputes or family problems they face. Children get influenced by their peers who encourage them to try it. And in a few cases, people also start it to experiment or know how it feels. And when people continue to do so, unknowingly they fall prey to these drugs. The cost of addiction touches the sky depending on the substance.

Looking Briefly Into The Cost Of Addiction

lcohol abuse

This is simply termed as gulping down your money. Do you know? Our country receives a huge part of the economy through alcohol. It is considered as one of the highest contributors and also has the highest reach in the market. Approximately a quarter bottle of alcohol may cost you about 300-500rs, imagine it being drunk by millions of people. Now imported brands have a different rate and also they may be at a higher margin. Apart from elders, teenagers and young adults have made consuming alcohol a part of their daily routine. Even if you don’t drink through the week and end up binge drinking on the weekend, you end up spending almost the same amount of money as the ones who drink through the week.

Smoking Tobacco

Tobacco is no less than alcohol. You can simply put your money on fire. Irrespective of age people have started smoking many for fun and many are influenced by the media. A single cigarette may seem like only a few bucks which are why you will never know how many bucks you end up spending at the end of the day or month. And if you’re a chain smoker then you end up putting even more notes of fire. And heavy smokers are also heavy drinkers when calculating the cost of addiction spent may give you a jolt.


Marijuana locally called weed is substance abuse. In many parts of the world, it is considered illegal and can land you in legal trouble for consuming. Marijuana is usually imported or locally grown. In the countries where it is illegal, it can cost you a lot of bucks as it has risk factors involved. The price may also vary depending on the quality and quantity of the product.

Opioid Addiction

Opioid addiction is an illegal drug and can only be found in the dark market including cocaine and heroin and is usually sold in black. This is due to opioids having adverse effects on health. Opioids are sold at 80% higher rates than alcohol and tobacco.


Benzodiazepines are usually prescribed by doctors who are trying to quit alcohol, coping with depression, or having difficulty sleeping. But these drugs are prescribed only in small doses to prevent them from habit-forming. But as people continue to take these drugs they become tolerant towards the dosage and end up consuming higher dosage. This is an addiction towards them. They can cost a lot of money as they involve illegal activities to acquire the drugs. The cost of addiction is comparatively high.

Cost Of Addiction

Cost Of Addiction

Apart from these drugs, there are various other drugs that cost a lot way higher than your imagination. Drug addiction may seem a cool thing to do among people. But realizing the effect it leaves in your lives is nothing compared to the cost of addiction. You will need to pay a hefty price for addiction as they have adverse effects on mental, physical, and psychological health.

Your personal life can hit rocks due to addiction. The cost of addiction to your career can put you in trouble.

What Happens To Career

Refusing to find support with dependence is a surefire approach to ruin your profession. Regardless of whether you discover your work generally charming, a compulsion can rapidly disrupt everything. It might get going with you making an appearance at work late. Drugs and liquor misuse makes it a lot harder to get yourself up toward the beginning of the day, and the unresponsiveness brought about by an expanding dependence on substances can totally annihilate your inspiration.

An absence of center at work will prompt a deficiency of usefulness, and it will be everything except difficult to cover up over the long haul. At the absolute best, you will coast for some time. Even from a pessimistic standpoint, your drop-in usefulness will be seen and tended to through corrective activities and likely excusal.

Losing employment to substance misuse is decimating, from a monetary stance and furthermore as far as your future. You’re probably not going to get a proposal in case you were terminated, making it a lot harder to get another line of work. What’s more, on the off chance that you do figure out how to track down another situation without having treated your habit, you’ll just begin the example all once more. Compulsion will slow down your profession or drive it off the tracks totally, and it will do as such quicker than you anticipate.

Psychological Effects

Addictions would all be able to cause mental harm. Addictions to sex, food, and delight would all be able to cause mental issues in an individual, however, addictions to medications can be especially risky.

The explanation that everything addictions can cause issues is a result of the way that our cerebrum reacts to joy. At the point when we experience something that we consider pleasurable, a piece of our cerebrum known as the mesolimbic reward pathway floods with dopamine. This is the ‘reward’ that we get for taking part in a pleasurable activity.

It is this surge of dopamine that many individuals become dependent on. Tragically, persistently flooding our cerebrums with dopamine with joy looking for exercises, at last, prompts a cycle known as downregulation. In this sense, our mind turns out to be less delicate to dopamine, requiring higher sums to encounter a similar measure of delight.

At the point when we’re managing chronic drug habits, the issues become substantially more serious on the grounds that drugs straightforwardly cooperate with our mind’s synapse frameworks. These are the frameworks that control the entirety of our psychological and actual capacities, including our dispositions, our rest plan, our cravings, etc.

By straightforwardly impacting these frameworks, medications can downregulate them and lead to a few issues over the long haul. While these frameworks do ultimately upregulate, it can require numerous months or a long time.

Physical Complications

Many medications are known to cause genuine actual issues. At the point when utilized in overabundance, they can harm the body and mind.

Moreover, a portion of the way of life propensities for chronic drug use can emphasize these issues:

Poor hygienePoor nutrition and dietImproper sleeping patternThese things joined with the neurotoxic idea of certain medications, can work related to making serious harm to a medication client.

Organ issues and failures can ariseCardiovascular issues can emergeIncreased risk of infection, diminished immunityPermanent damage to cerebrum workLoss of mobilityIncreased aging


These are only a couple of the things that may happen in case somebody is dependent on drugs over an extensive stretch.

Impact On Relationship

Impact On Relationship

The hidden risk of addiction is its capacity to cause an individual to accept that substance misuse just influences them. It’s entirely expected to legitimize substance maltreatment with phrases like, “It’s not harming any other individual,” in any event, when this is unmitigatedly false. The impacts of habit emanate outward from the person to their close family, companions, and colleagues.

Quite possibly the most widely recognized side effect of substance addiction is the arrangement of mutually dependent connections, which are normal when one accomplice is living with a medication or liquor reliance. They might turn out to be completely subject to their accomplice for monetary help. As a rule, homegrown maltreatment and savagery likewise emerge.

More distant family ties might be cut off because of sensations of surrender, concern, blame or shame. Neighbors, companions, and colleagues may likewise develop wells of hatred against the dependent individual as a result of inconsistency and flighty conduct.

Fixing, fabricating, and keeping up with solid connections is vital to an effective recovery since dependence will in general make such significant disengagement.

Even after so adversely affecting your health and personal life. Addiction can cost society a big time. There would be an increased crime rate, societal trouble, and health concerns. The crime rate sees a spike as people choose illicit ways to get money and indulge in illegal activities under the influence of drugs. Unemployment can be on the rise as you do not feel like working which results in poverty. Once you realize how to quit, few addictions require medical help or even visit a rehab center which may also require money. With so many effects, drug addiction always has a bad impact on you and also the people with you. Choose a happy and healthy life for your own health.

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