5 Essential Tools for Addiction Recovery

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Addiction recovery, whether from opioids, methamphetamine, cocaine or any other substance, is a lifelong journey. The right tools and resources can make all the difference.

ddiction Recovery Tools

From programs to hobbies to books about recovery, many resources are available to individuals seeking a life free from addiction. These five tools can offer an excellent starting point and long-term support.

1. Faces and Voices of Recovery

This organization offers inspiring stories of recovery, which can be a voice of hope for anyone seeking inspiration. Faces and Voices of Recovery also offers many other resources, including webinars and publications about recovery.

2. Meditation

One of the addiction recovery tools many individuals find helpful is meditation. Meditation has many benefits, including relaxation and improved concentration and focus. Many people who meditate report lower levels of anxiety and a more grounded feeling in the present.

There are several forms of meditation to try, from sitting Zazen to guided meditation to transcendental meditation. No special skills or tools are necessary. Even journaling or deep breathing exercises can be a form of meditation.

3. A Support System

No one should feel they have to go through the recovery journey alone. Individuals in recovery may benefit from counseling. Having a group of friends, family, community members or others who are supportive of their recovery and are not actively using substances is also important.

4. Medical Care

Medication-based treatment for recovery is an effective treatment option for many people. It’s also important to seek medical care for any physical conditions which are co-occurring with addiction. For example, if an individual is suffering from depression or also has hypertension, treatment for those conditions can help encourage overall health during recovery.

5. A Routine

When someone is dealing with addiction, their life might seem to revolve around substance use. It’s important to plan for downtime and hobbies during recovery. Making plans for the day and week provides a sense of structure and helps build healthy habits. Planning for the long-term future can also keep those in recovery moving toward the new lives they wish to build.

Would You Like to Make a Change?

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Would You Like to Make a Change?

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