Getting Clean: How to know when its time

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In the back of my mind, I always knew that there was going to come a time where the party would end. If you consider ‘walking in the cold with blisters on your heels the size of gold dollar coins’ a party, that is. Of course, that wasn’t how it began. The progression grew thick and sturdy in my life. Like one of those deep-rooted indestructible trees that make it through Category 5 hurricanes and tornados. I couldn’t shake it. I was too afraid to say the words…”I need help.”

The thought of getting clean was always a fleeting thought but still something I considered to say the least. Had it not taken me over a decade of waiting and making excuses then I’m sure I wouldn’t have half the experience I do today.

Still, I wish I had wasted less time and chosen myself first

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