Kaiser Permanente Insurance For Addiction Treatment

An evaluation and detox are usually the first steps in addiction treatment. Treatment specialists create a specific treatment plan based on the patient’s health, mental condition, and substance usage history during this stage. Call today to speak with an expert: (866) 781-3882.>


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Many people in the United States of America have health insurance to cover the cost of treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction recovery. Kaiser Permanente insurance offers a wide range of coverage plans with different levels of behavioral healthcare coverage, including bronze, silver, and gold, so people can easily obtain a health coverage plan with an affordable monthly premium for receiving their drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

Kaiser Permanente HSA Bronze


Yearly Deductible: $4,800Out-of-Pocket Maximum: $6,550In-Network Copay: 40 percent after deductibleOut-of-Network Copays: Emergency assistance are covered at 60 percent


Kaiser Permanente Deductible Silver


Yearly Deductible: $2,000Out-of-Pocket Maximum: $7,000In-Network Copay: Depends on service; costs range from $45 to 30 percentOut-of-Network Copay: Emergency services are covered. $250 for an ambulance, $350 for ER services, and The individual pays $45 for urgent care.


Kaiser Permanente Copayment Gold


Yearly Deductible: $0Out-of-Pocket Maximum: $6,000In-Network Copay: Differs according to service from $15 to 20 percentOut-of-Network Services: Emergency services are covered at $250 for an ambulance, $350 per ER visit, and $25 for urgent care


Where Can Blue Cross Kaiser Permanente Insurance be Used?

Kaiser Permanente Insurance be Used

Kaiser Permanente insurance is not accessible in all states, but they currently have spots in and covers 8 states throughout the United States of America.

Here are the states in America that allow Kaiser Permanente Insurance policies:


California: Kaiser Permanente of CaliforniaColorado: Kaiser Permanente of ColoradoGeorgia: Kaiser Permanente of GeorgiaHawaii: Kaiser Permanente of HawaiiMaryland: Kaiser Permanente of MarylandOregon: Kaiser Permanente of OregonVirginia: Kaiser Permanente of VirginiaWashington: Kaiser Permanente of Washington


ddiction Treatment Services Covered By Kaiser Permanente Insurance 

Kaiser Permanente offers a comprehensive range of insurance coverage for your addiction treatment services which are associated with drug and alcohol rehab. 

Types of substance abuse Kaiser Permanente Insurance typically cover


1. Inpatient Treatment


Room and boardMedical servicesMedicationsEducationRecovery servicesCounseling 


2. Outpatient Treatment


Intensive outpatient programmingDay treatment programmingMedical withdrawal treatmentIndividual or group chemical dependency counseling Room and board


3. Residential Treatment


24-hour care in a licensed facilityIndividual and group counselingMedical services and monitoringRoom and boardSocial servicesMedications and drugs prescribed by the plan providerDischarge planning


These are the Common inquiries to ask when using Kaiser Permanente to pay for rehab


What premiums, co-pays, or deductibles am I capable of – if any?How much of an inpatient/private visit will my coverage plan treat?Is my eligibility for substance abuse treatment coverage dependent upon medical requirements?Does my insurance cover for Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) ?


Find A Way To Recovery

Find A Way To Recovery kaiser

If you or your loved one is addicted to substance abuse or even dealing with some mental health issues, no worries they additionally offer support groups and other treatment programs. If you are a policyholder of Kaiser Permanente Insurance then don’t hesitate to give a call. Addictionaide will help to verify your insurance benefits immediately and let you know the type of services that are accessible in your area.

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