[Podcast] You Don’t Have to Eat Carrot Sticks Every Day

We have firsthand experience with treatment clinics all around the country. CCCADA was established to assist families in guiding their loved ones into treatment at a rehab facility that best matches their needs. Our experts provide families with objectivity, helping them to distinguish between extra comforts and the care their loved one requires. This new approach improves a loved one’s chances of a successful recovery. Call today to speak with an expert: (866) 781-3882

Mercy Bell’s relationship with alcohol started in college as a way to thwart the uneasiness she felt inside. It led her to a “recovery or else” situation. She used multiple paths and experiences along her journey to recovery. Today, Mercy is the co-owner of Sober Voices and Sourcing Voices, with Alyssa Hart. Their mission is […]

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