Types of Addictions

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Types of Addictions

Learn More About Addiction
Learn More About AddictionAddictions are often crippling. It is easy for an addiction to grow and eventually take over someone’s entire life. As a friend or family member, it can be difficult to watch someone who is struggling with an addiction. Many people who do not struggle with addiction cannot understand how truly consuming an addiction can be. Addictions often lead to alienation of others and can end marriages and other relationships. When you are facing an addiction, it is important to seek professional help in overcoming the addiction. Family members and close friends may also need to seek help to learn how to repair the rifts in a relationship that addiction causes.

Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms

Learning to recognize the signs and symptoms of addiction is important. You can do this in both yourself and in others. People with an addiction often become secretive. They stop spending time with other people. Sleep patterns may change and addicts may have a hard time sitting still or focusing on projects or relationships. You may notice a sudden change in weight. Additionally, you may see that friends change. An addict’s entire focus will change to accommodate the addiction. The person may also feel unwell and experience other symptoms. Finances can be affected by an addiction and the person may be focused on finding ways to get money. This is a sign in addictions from gambling to drugs to shopping.

Two Categories of Addiction

When people think about addictions, they usually think about drug addictions or alcoholism. However, there are a wide variety of addictions that go beyond substance addictions. Each of the addictions can be just as devastating as a drug addiction, and it can be just as difficult for the person to stop. Addictions are divided into two broad categories: substance addiction and behavioral addiction. Substance addiction is when you are addicted to a substance like alcohol or drugs. Behavioral addictions consist of compulsive behaviors that take over someone’s life. These addictions can include gambling, overeating, sexual addictions, video game addiction and shopping addiction. Most of these behaviors are part of everyday life, but when they get in the way of your life, it is just one sign that you are facing an addiction.

Signs and Symptoms of Addiction:

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Types of Addiction

Types of AddictionGamer AddictionComputer Addiction

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