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Financial pressure is one of the main obstacles that stand in the way of people seeking substance abuse treatment programs. Taking the money out-of-pocket for therapy can become costly and unaffordable quickly for many individuals. This is why insurance coverage like CoreSource insurance is needed to support people who are not economically strong to have access to receive drug or alcohol therapy, particularly in active dependence. There are many alcohols or drug rehab center that accepts CoreSource insurance. So kindly check with your insurance provider regarding the coverage of treatment programs as soon as possible. 

CoreSource Insurance is one of the most popular and valued self-funded worker benefits plans and it is also a Third-Party Administrator (TPA). 

More than 900 clients have been receiving services from CoreSource insurance. They also assist them within the administration of wellness insurance advantages for workers who are self-insured by their employer’s Employee Assist Programs (EAP) or employer’s company health coverage plans, which may cover Health and Savings Account (HAS) and Health Reimbursement Accounts, (HRA). 

CoreSource insurance provides flexible spending accounts along with pharmacy benefits to their clients and COBRA administration to the employees who hold the COBRA assist plans.

ddiction Treatment Services Covered By CoreSource Insurance

Addiction Treatment Services Covered By CoreSource Insurance


Before providing coverage for your addiction treatment costs, you need to submit the evidence of medical requirements from your primary care provider (PCP) or general practitioner to the CoreSource Insurance. This is the sign to your coverage that your state of health needs the recommended level of therapy.

In most substance abuse and addiction cases, physicians will initially recommend attending inpatient rehab. According to your unique needs, your treatment program will differ and additional or alternative levels of therapy may be suggested.

Types of addiction treatment that may be covered by CoreSource Insurance options include


Medically assisted detoxInpatient/residential rehab programsDual-diagnosisPrescription drugsOutpatient counseling


These are the Common inquiries to ask when using CoreSource Insurance to pay for rehab


Which inpatient rehab centers accept my coverage?What length of stay will my CoreSource Insurance policy cover?Does my plan cover medically assisted detox and medications for withdrawal?Do my CoreSource Insurance advantages include decreased outpatient treatment expenses?


Find a way to recovery

Find a way to recovery core

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