Quality of Life after Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms and Treatments

Marijuana Withdrawal – from Elevation to Downfall of Emotions

Unlike alcohol, the first puff of marijuana doesn’t numb the mind; rather it elevates the mind to a state of super-consciousness and hypersensitivity. The user can hear the chirping of birds from a distance clearly and sharply. His appetite increases dramatically. His sense organs get fine-tuned to the highest level of sensitivity. It can soon become an addiction that refuses to go away. Marijuana withdrawal starts when the addict wants to quit after years of using and stays away from it for a couple of days.

Quality of Life after Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms and Treatments

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms – Physical and Psychological Trauma

Physical symptoms of withdrawal can start from palpitation and sweating. It can result in a sudden loss of appetite. Some of the other symptoms could be

  • Inability to sleep (insomnia)
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Sensitive skin
  • Food allergy
  • Physical tremors (ex: shaking hands while holding a cup of tea)

Psychological symptoms can have a long-lasting impact on the addict’s life than ever before. He may lose his self-respect and go into solitude. He may cut off contacts with the external world including his family members. Some of the other probable symptoms could be

  • Nervousness
  • Fear of anything and everything
  • Guilt and self-pity
  • Depression
  • Resentments
  • Restlessness

Most of these feelings become pent-up emotions that may explode at some point due to the slightest provocation.

Fear Factor – Follows the Addict like Shadow

Fear is the only constant companion of an addict, especially during the withdrawal period. The connection between marijuana withdrawal and anxiety is the biggest worrying factor that can disturb his mental balance.

The most frequently faced question during abstinence is can marijuana withdrawal cause panic attacks? Addicts who have experienced the spikes of emotional imbalance can better understand the conditions clearly.

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There is also a strong link between Marijuana Withdrawal and Paranoia. The addict may feel that everyone in the world is out to get him. It is paralyzing fear that can make him hide into a cocoon. He may stop meeting people, procrastinate going to work, and avoid socializing.

There is also great connectivity between marijuana withdrawal and aggression in the mind of the addict during abstinence. The most probable reason could be the frustration of having to stay away from “grass” as it is called. His mind can no longer enjoy the euphoria and heightened sensitivity. Music seems like torture.

Resentments against people can also be a reason for aggressive behavior. He may seem to be sulking for having to forcibly stay away from his favorite substance. When somebody rubs on the wrong side, his pent-up emotions reach the nadir and he may become violent at times. He may not physically abuse anyone, but his behavior and attitude could make others shun him away.

Detox and Rehab – Freedom from Grass Slavery

Marijuana is called “grass” in some parts of the world even today. Placing the addict in Detox and rehab could be seen as the only hope to put him on the track to recovery and sober life. The quality of his life after treatments could be much better and manageable.

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