Opiate Withdrawal Timeline and Medication

Opiate is a derivative of opioids that are natural or synthetic forms of pain relievers and healers from the medical perspective. What is a natural opiate? It is the derivative from the opium poppy plant. There are different forms of opiate-like morphine, thebaine, and many others used for medical treatments. However, the treatments can lead … Read more

Heroin Withdrawal Symptoms and Treatments

Heroin withdrawal symptoms can start within the first 24 hours of abstinence from consumption. Physical symptoms are immediately visible and they may have long term impacts on the health of the addict. Psychological symptoms can be slow to detect, but their impact can be far more destructive than physical symptoms. Heroin-withdrawal timeline depends on the … Read more

Quality of Life after Marijuana Withdrawal Symptoms and Treatments

Marijuana Withdrawal – from Elevation to Downfall of Emotions Unlike alcohol, the first puff of marijuana doesn’t numb the mind; rather it elevates the mind to a state of super-consciousness and hypersensitivity. The user can hear the chirping of birds from a distance clearly and sharply. His appetite increases dramatically. His sense organs get fine-tuned … Read more

The Agony of Ecstasy Withdrawal Symptoms and Freedom after Treatments

Ecstasy Withdrawal – Journey from Bliss to Rock Bottom Ecstasy is the street name of the drug named (METHYLENEDIOXYMETHAMPHETAMINE), a hard drug made of addictive chemicals and nerve stimulating narcotic elements. As the name suggests, it gives a sudden rise of euphoric feelings and emotions in the mind. The effects on the body are relaxation, … Read more

Unforgettable Pain of Forget-Me Pill Withdrawal Symptoms and Healing Treatments

Forget-Me Pill Addiction – Path from Pleasure to Pain Pleasures of Forget-Me Pill (Rohypnol) pass away soon to leave the permanent pain of addiction within a few years. Unlike the other hard drugs, the Rohypnol is subtle in its taste and immediate after-effects. But the long term addiction intensity can be hard and ruthless. The … Read more

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