Unforgettable Pain of Forget-Me Pill Withdrawal Symptoms and Healing Treatments

Forget-Me Pill Addiction – Path from Pleasure to Pain

Pleasures of Forget-Me Pill (Rohypnol) pass away soon to leave the permanent pain of addiction within a few years. Unlike the other hard drugs, the Rohypnol is subtle in its taste and immediate after-effects. But the long term addiction intensity can be hard and ruthless. The mind and body of the addict can bind strongly with the craving that is hard to overcome. The pain of Rohypnol Withdrawal can be most severe from the first day of abstinence. Hence, the probability of relapse is high.

Unforgettable Pain of Forget-Me Pill Withdrawal Symptoms and Healing Treatments

Forget-Me Pill Withdrawal – Strong Symptoms

The effects of Forget-Me Pill Withdrawal can be mind distracting and disturbing. Continued usage of the drug for years can be destructive. Some of the withdrawal symptoms can be

  • Slow response of the central nervous system
  • Reduced cognition
  • Breathing problems
  • Utterly confused mind
  • Severe body ache
  • Depression and anxiety

The central nervous system (CNS) gets a feeling of rejuvenation and excitement when the addict is consuming the pills. The CNS gets conditioned to the drug to such an extent that one day’s abstinence can make it go slow and get depressed. It is something that affects the entire body and mind.

Time seems to go slow during the withdrawal period. Forget-Me Pill Withdrawal paralysis is one of the biggest risks that can hit the CNS. Numbness in the thigh, leg, foot, and toes can make the addict unable to walk for a long distance with ease. He may feel like losing his body balance and falling on his face down.

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Cognition power reduces considerably during the withdrawal period. The addict is unable to remember or recall the things he might have read a few days ago. There is no coordination between thinking and speaking. So, he may end up saying something that could be offensive to the others who speak with him.

Breathing Problems – Always Running Short of Breath

The addict cannot run or take a brisk walk for a long distance because of shortness in breath. Sometimes he may also feel palpitations. His breathing frequency may also increase considerably because of shortness in breathing. Hence, there could be stress on the lungs that could lead to pain.

Confused Mind – Illogical Decisions

The mind of the addict is always in confusion due to mid fogging. He may not be able to focus on anything that he feels is worthwhile. He may lose concentration within a short time. His thoughts become wayward and lose direction. He may make certain bizarre decisions that he will come to regret later. Quitting jobs and breaking relations come as instinct thoughts to his mind.

Severe Body Ache – Severe Muscle Cramps

He may feel severe muscle cramps in spite of sleeping or resting for the entire day. Joint pain is a common phenomenon of Forget-Me Pill Withdrawal Symptoms.

Depression and Anxiety – for Unknown Reasons

The addict may suffer from depression and anxiety for the reasons that are unknown to him. It seems depression a result of a strong chemical reaction created by the brain rather than any emotional reasons.

Forget-Me Pill Withdrawal Treatment – Detox and Hospitalization

The role of Detox, Rehab, and hospitalization (for health recovery of his body) is very important in restoring the normal life of the addict.

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